Social issues are often defined as issues recognised by societies as a problem that is preventing that society from progressing or functioning well enough. There are quite several issues that some communities face that cause social issues, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, unemployment, child and drug abuse and gender discrimination.

Theft, burglary and murder all arise from unemployment.

Most of societies are influenced by gender discrimination, many women are still are still being submissive to their husbands. In the 21st century feminism is trending, I advise all women who are still being suppressed to stand up for themselves, pursue their dreams and be independent because we live in a free country and everyone does what makes them happy.

Drug abuse has killed many people’s dreams, people often use drugs to numb some type of pain they feel and forget about whatever they are going through, this has damaged a lot of our youth. Drug abuse has a negative impact on our society, leads to increased crime rates and even results in loss of life. Drugs also cause effects on the body, like the brain resulting in the person depending on the substance.

Many young people who have graduated and have degree are sitting at home, unemployed. South Africa is one of the countries that have a high unemployment rate. Crime ratees increase because of poverty as people are trying to survive. People who are unemployed for socially reasons are more likely to engage in burglary and robbery

Majority of the youth is influenced by media, shows like 16 and pregnant and teen mom has made a contribution to the increase of teenage pregnancy in South Africa. Many teenagers feel pressured by their friends to engage in sexual activities resulting in them being pregnant because they are not educated enough about the consequences of sex. Getting pregnant as a teen comes with physical and emotional challenges that some kids are not ready to face.

Education may be put on hold when a teen becomes pregnant. Some pregnant teens may decide to leave school or finish school. If a teen has goals of going to university after high school, those plans may be put on hold after becoming pregnant.

Discrimination affects members of a society in many different ways, people who are being discriminated against, their quality of life and most likely their self-esteem suffer greatly. People who discriminate against others run the risk of having legal reports brought against them.

Social problems can be solved by society itself. These issues delay the progress of societies, if people do not unite against them, then these social issues will continue to destroy