On the 28th of March, 2020 Ntsiki took it twitter to voice it out her concerns and frustrations by weiting a letter to the president.

Yes you might all say Ntsiki’s letter is empty and unnecessary, but when you actually sit and read it critically you will actually understand her reasons behind what she is stating.

Ntsiki, a poet, in the letter which she shared on Saturday through three audio posts, derided Ramaphosa for the 21-day lockdown and said it’s all because he was “never held accountable to Marikana” destruction.

I for one highly understand Ntsiki’s concerns on this lockdown. She also stated that why is it that black-owned businesses are closed down but the white owned businesses are up and running?

My question is: what makes Woolworths, Checkers and all those other stores are considered as essential services and those of the spaza shops, street vendors not considered as essential services?

I mean come to understand that those spaza shops and street vendors also sell the same grocery one would need and these people survive by selling these essentials.

A tweet came through on twitter regarding this dilemma “people hate Ntsiki so much that even when she speaks the truth they would rather bring ‘go and bath’ to the argument. She’s speaking truth to power! Yes, lockdown is needed but the government forgot about the poor people, the marginalized. This lockdown favours the middle class”- kgaugelo @Lady_KayGee2.

But instead of people looking at the letter in an angle that actually describes the cries, NO!! You are all quick to judge and impulsive.

For example, instead of being a father and an objective former journalist, anti-apartheid activist Thami Mazwai sees it fit to actually paint Ntsiki negatively to the media and actually being biased and not wanting to understand his daughter’s concern and raw truth she portrays.

Just a slight teaser of how screwed up SA media can be:

Instead of him discussing the content of the open letter by his daughter, he looks to discredit the letter and portray it as something that nobody wants to associate themselves with. Trust Thami Mazwai and the SA media at your own peril…

But I’ve come to a point of realization that the problem with us as people we tend to listen to money not mind!!!

Lastly, I would say with all due respect, Thami Mazwai has distanced himself from Ntsiki for over 20 years. Yes we get that he isn’t proud of whom Ntsiki has become, but the things she has stated in the letter to the president are true.


But now let us question the timing of letter, but we can’t change the TRUTH!!!!