Life is given to us when we are born and it is nothing without a spirit. Everyday we wake up ready to face the greatness and the hardships of life. We live with so many expectations, not knowing if we will see the day that follows but we still expect something.


Does knowing we are going to die help us to live? We often take our lives for granted. We live life like it will not end. We often think that we are going to live forever, but nobody actually knows what will happen. A person could be alive and well and the next moment they could be dead. This shows that you can never be certain about life and death. Never have a guarantee about life and when it will end.


Death is frightening because nobody knows when they will die. It is indeed “thee great unknown”. The fear and suffering of not knowing when we will die keeps us from thinking seriously about death as it impedes on our happiness. We need to know how to do this, how to live in freedom; not being imprisoned by the things of the present.


We are all going to die, so it is very equal; death will happen to all of us some day. I am determined to live properly until I die. If we are going to die, then we have to live the best we can. You are given an extra-ordinary thing, which is life and you should use it to fulfill everything you’ve ever wished for because we never know when death will appear.


Death is grim, harsh, cruel and a source of infinite grief to the ones living but to the dead it is a peaceful sleep. Our first reaction is consternation. We are stunned and distraught. Slowly, our sense of dismay is followed by a sense misery. Suddenly! A whole life has veiled itself in secrecy. Our speech stops! Our understanding fails. In death, there is only one silence, the silence of the unknown.


Is death nothing but an obliteration? An absolute negation? The view of death is affected by our understanding of life. To us, life is being happy and joyful. What about the hardships that comes with life? The tears and the pain felt by every human being. If life is seen as a gift, surprise and happiness, then death ceases to be an absolute negation of what life stands for. Both life and death are aspects of a mystery. The great mystery of creation.


The fact of dying must be a major factor in our understanding of living. There is slowness, a delay, and neglect on our part to think about it. The subject is not exciting but rather painful and shocking. What characterizes a modern man’s attitude towards death is escapism, disregard of its harsh reality. Death is something most of us do not want. Death is regarded as the quiet, powerful and mighty hole. Is it really mighty or powerful?


What is more powerful between life and death? Death only comes once but life comes to us every day. We are born knowing that we will die someday; this is knowledge invested in us as humans. Whether we do good or bad, we will all die someday. Death is something that exists.


Life is a beautiful gift and there are three events in a man’s life. These events are birth, living and death. A man is not conscious of being born, he forgets to live and he dies in pain. We are all given life which will end regardless of how you live it. We can decorate the issue with scientific terms but at the end there’s only 1 term which is ‘death’.


We all know our date of birth but none of us know our date of death. People die in our presence yet we still ignore the fact that we will die. We live everyday not knowing what will happen the next second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year.


Life and death are equally beautiful. Some suffer while alive and some find peace when dead. Life knocks when it is coming so that you can be prepared but death just comes uninvited. Death doesn’t care whether you are rich or poor, it can never be planned. You live life facing all kinds of pain but be grateful to this wonderful life that you are given today. It might be hard but enjoy it because life is a precious gift and we all do not know when it will end to grief and loss.


Life and death; different yet similar.